Quiet Repose

Quiet Repose     Charcoal     20 x 15    

Selected as a Finalist in Strokes of Genius 14 drawing competition and featured in a special edition magazine, The Best of Drawing, presented by the editors of the Artists Magazine in late November 2022.

Quiet Repose is a portrait of a poignant moment, a simple act of introspection, an 82-year-old man reflecting upon life’s journey and personal choices. I captured in this moment of deep contemplation, a fleeting morning light casting shadows of mystery. The charcoal drawing was well suited to defining these emotive thoughts. The application of mid-tones and dark values with vine and compressed charcoal immediately established the mood while the cascading light of shapes and lines was defined with the eraser. Drawing, a hands-on tactile medium, is personal and immediate, sensitive to pressure variability as the drawing emerged. My efforts were to capture the feelings of a confident and successful man in a very vulnerable moment.