Award of Excellence 2 D National Art Education Association

New York, NY 2000
Autumn’s Vigor, Oil, 40 x 60

Water, one of nature’s four elements, is a powerful force that persistently flows and is always going somewhere. Moving swiftly or campy, water is in a constant flow of action with surface changes of dancing colors, shapes and patterns. The ebb and flow of water in our daily lives nourishes our body and spirit as it replenishes, calm, renews and generates the power of life. Water is a metaphor for the emotional flow of life. Insights into our emotions, our character and our deepest passions nourish and increase the flow of energy to our human heart and spirit. Five years ago, I began a new journey of a different way of being. I began to understand myself, reclaim my identity, nourish my inner spirit and attend to self-development which awakened an inner source of energy and empowerment. Ella Fitzgerald said, “Where there is love and inspiration, I don’t think you can go wrong.”