2017 Art Journey: Abstract Painting, A Celebration of Contemporary Art by Jamie Markle

What does abstract art mean to you? What can it teach us about life and art?

Abstraction is bringing forth the essence and the spirit of an artist’s sensitive interpretation of content as expressed through the language of design. Abstract images subliminally communicate in another dimension of thoughts and feelings that words can not describe. We remember what we feel.

Personal Experience: Is there a story connected to this piece?

“Water Gems” is a topographical view looking down into and through the flowing water over the riverbed of gems. “Water Gems” is a metaphor for the flow of life’s energy to my heart and spirit. I perceive myself as a work of art in progress and believe that understanding one’s emotions, character and passions increases the flow of energy to the human heart and spirit. Looking through the water symbolizes introspection and evaluation of the realities and abstractions that have governed my life. Creating art has been a personal journey of awakening and stirring the spirit to a new journey toward light and energy and harmony.

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